Portfolios with Pink Sheet Stocks

Now that we have defined the Pink Sheet stocks, renamed as OTC Pink Stocks, let’s assert the outcomes of creating optimized portfolios with these securities. The mathematical and statistical background are out of the scope of this blog post, however if the reader is further interested, I can gladly provide the whole paper […]

Pink Sheet Stocks. What are they?

For my final project in Advanced Financial Engineering, I studied in depth the weird world of pink sheets. The reason for that is because I became fascinated with them since the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. I understand that in the movie all the gains were made through commission by […]

Decline in Oil Prices

Oil prices fell down again on Thursday as record-high crude inventories would continue to grow. Crude oil for April delivery settled down 70 cents, or 1.6%, to $43.96 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The dipping price of oil is still the biggest energy story in the world. […]

Ten Golden Rules of Value Investing

Like everyone, I was fascinated by stock markets ever since I was 18. Watched lots of people make money, also heard tons of stories, how people lost the money in dot-com crash or 2008 burst. Most people invest in stocks based on “Advice” / “Tip” from a relative, friend or […]

Tesla, a Growth Stock with Potential

Recommendation: Buy, long position. Tesla is trading at a new low, just under $220 per share. This is due in part to low oil prices encouraging consumers to buy standard auto, and factory delays by Tesla negatively impacting revenues. However, once the oil prices stabilize, Tesla should be able to grow […]


With the release of the MEM Finance Club website and blog, there will be an analysis every week from each club member on the markets, not limited to the stock market. Please feel free to add comments and suggestions, your feedback is always appreciated. Also, please come back every week to […]